︎ Freelance Writer

I’m a freelance journalist and essayist. I have eclectic interests and write about a range of topics including art, culture, food, lifestyle, and the immigrant experience. Some things I’ve written about include: Los Angeles, farmers markets, fusion restaurantsRussian-speaking banquet hallsimmigrant nostalgia, useless bodiesrelationships, friendship breakups, friendship coachesshame, cockroaches, a dinner cruise, post-Soviet writerswhat it means to be a good immigrant daughter, cheeky paintings of modern fairytales, and a queer cruising paradise. My essays have been featured in the LAist newsletter, New York Times newsletter, and in Memoir Monday. I was a guest on LAist 89.3 Morning Edition, All Things Considered, and Air Talk with Larry Mantle reporting on my story, LA Runs on Fusion Cuisine. Check out more of my writing here